Multiple Teams · UPDATE: The Latest 2020 Boys Basketball Tryout Schedule

Here is the latest update to the tryout schedule.  We were able to move the start date to Wednesday, Nov 18.
Wed, Nov 18—In the Aux Gym; 3:15-5:15, 10th-12th grades; 5:30-7:15, 9th grade
Thurs, Nov 19—In the Main Gym; 3:15-5:15, 10th-12th grades; 5:30-7:15, 9th grade (First cuts)
Fri, Nov 20 (if needed)—In the Main Gym; 3:15-5:15, 10th-12th ​​​​​​​grades; 5:30-7:15, 9th grade.
1. You must have a physical on file with the office to be able to try out on Wednesday.
2. Players should bring their own water bottles.  Players will not share water bottles. Bottles should have the players last name clearly printed on the bottle.
3. Players must wear a mask throughout tryouts.
4. Players will be expected to use hand sanitizer before they begin tryouts.  We will reapply throught the tryout.