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The Green Pride Newspaper · Dance and Cheer Festival

This past weekend both our Diamond Dancers and Cheerleaders completed at the Baldwin Dance and Cheer Festival.

Our Dancers did very well and here are there results: d1

Solo Ratings: Christa Stenzel – 1, Kelsey Mills – 1, Olivia Mills – 1.

Duet/Small Group Ratings: Kelsey and Olivia Mills – 1, Captains (Christa and Kelsey) -1, Cheer/Dance Duet (Kelsey Mills and Rachel Moore) – 2, Small Group (Dodd, Mills, Mills, Stenzel, Vila) -1.

Team Ratings: Jazz – 1, Lyrical – 1, Contemporary – 1.

Specialty Judge Awards: Crowd Appeal, Choreography, Technique, Group Synchronization, and Spacing.

The Diamonds received five Specialty Awards and also received the Top Technique Award.

Our Cheerleaders received the following Specialty Awards: Pyramid, Motion, Technique, and Stunts.